Can architecture tell a story? 

I have always been interested in the connection between narrative and space, and why certain spaces have a stronger sense of place than others. This is especially pertinent in Singapore, where amidst constant redevelopment and reinvention, there is a loss of memory that provides us no handles on how to understand or remember the past. As our Prime Minister said in 2015, ‘For Singapore to succeed in the next 50 years, we need a strong sense of identity and nationhood.’ Therein lies the power of architecture, the ability to ground our hearts and souls through a sense of place. 

I believe that we need an architecture that is more than just empathetic to our climate, but also inspired by our people and past for a sense of place. We need architecture that is lovable not just liveable, authentic not just showy, warm not just cold, and emotional not just rational. An architecture that can be passed down for generations because of what it represents to us as a people, or individually to its owners. For an architecture that has a soul that can really only be completed by its inhabitants.

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